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Most weeks, our worship leader offers a 15–20 minute sermon based on the Scripture texts for the day.

Our regular preacher is pretty versatile. She’ll tell stories, pull together different ideas, lead a meditation, give the congregation an “assignment” to talk about in twos or threes, show a slide show or video, or sometimes even sing to the congregation. The sermon functions to deepen our reflection on the Scripture themes of the day, and often leaves us with a challenge or a question.
Scripture texts are outlined in the Revised Common Lectionary.


Introduction to Thanksgiving Testimony

  In this very short clip from Thanksgiving Sunday, Rev. Cari “sets up” those who will offer testimony to the congregation that day. She does so by opening up the text for the day, Deuteronomy 26:1-11, which has just been recited by “Moses,” a member of the congregation in full costume! Please go to the…

God’s Vision: The Large Print Edition

  This sermon based on Habakkuk 1:1-4 and 2:1-4 by Rev. Cari put the Crossroads congregation to work (near the end of it) discerning the places of clear call in our own vision statement, and the places where we are still challenged by the vision God has placed before us.  

Recognizing the Stranger

  Guest preacher the Rev. Nancy Talbot preaching on the occasion of Crossroads’ celebration of becoming an Affirming Ministry, on the text of Luke 24:13-35, the story of the disciples’ journey on the road to Emmaus.   The audio clip begins with Nancy reading her text for the day, then moves to the youth choir…

Getting Lost

  This short sermon on our all ages “Welcome Home” Sunday is an invitation to the congregation to practice “getting lost” in order to be ready to learn something new, and to be found again by the Good Shepherd, the Householder of the universe. The text was Luke 15:1-10.  

The Gap

With this sermon, we return to the Revised Common Lectionary. Rev. Cari is preaching on Luke 14:25-33 – a “hard” word of Jesus about “picking up the cross and following” him.   

Evil and its Antidote

  The final “Stump the Preacher” topic for the summer of 2016 was “the problem of evil.” In this one, Rev. Cari takes a close look at the third chapter of Genesis, and sounds the notes of Romans 8:31-39 (again!).  

God is Still Calling

  Minister of Children & Youth, Gabrielle McLarty, preaching today on the call of Jeremiah (1:4-10). It’s no surprise that Gabrielle would be drawn to a text in which God says to the prophet, “Do not say ‘I am only a youth’, for you shall go to all to whom I send you…”  

And the Sign Says…

  Lay member Klaus Fix is preaching this morning, on Luke 12:49-56. How do we interpret the signs of the times? How do we know when to stand for what is right in a non-violent way?