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What’s been going on at Crossroads?
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How are Crossroads ministries impacting the wider community and world?

Follow-up from “Learning about Global Food Supply & Letter-Writing” event held at Crossroads.

On the evening of September 28, 2022, a group gathered at Crossroads to learn more about the Canadian Foodgrains Bank’s very successful climate-resilient farming program, and to ask the federal government to increase its support. These climate-resilient farming practices have transformed land in sub-Saharan Africa from arid to fertile, which has transformed villages from surviving to thriving. You can watch this video and see a beautiful story of hope.

That night, those in attendance wrote letters in support. Will you take a few minutes also to write a letter? Here is a link to an online letter which you can personalize if you wish. By following the steps in the link, the letter will be sent electronically to the federal Ministers, with a copy to your own Member of Parliament.

If you would prefer to send a handwritten letter, a sample letter is available through the church office and postage to the House of Commons is free.