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God loves and knows your child from the very beginning. Baptism in no way introduces God into the life of your child. God is already there.

Baptism of Children at Crossroads

Baptism is a sacred promise to God by parents and the congregation that we will, together, support children so that they can grow and flourish in their relationship with God.
Because parents are making a significant, life-changing commitment on behalf of their child, we encourage them to have deliberate conversations related to having their child baptized. We invite parents considering the baptism of their child to participate in our “Faith Foundations” workshop and offer the following questions for consideration:

  • How will our life as a family be different because of our faith commitment?
  • In what ways can this congregation support us in our commitment to our child and to live our lives as Christians in this world?

Rev. Cari or Gabrielle would be glad to talk further about Baptism and “making a home for faith” at Crossroads


Adult Baptism

Baptism of Adults at Crossroads

Perhaps you’re curious about Christianity, even though you have never been part of a community of faith before. Maybe you’re wondering if God really does have a purpose for your life. Perhaps you have felt drawn to explore the faith of your childhood more deeply. Maybe you are looking for a supportive and open Christian community in which to grow in faith and offer your gifts in service.
We invite you to worship with our congregation for a season, living into the cycle of the Christian year, and exploring God’s call to you. We encourage you to attend our “Faith Foundations” workshop, our introduction to both Christianity and Crossroads and its ministry. We encourage you to participate in the ministry of Crossroads with other Christians, and to enjoy their spiritual friendship.
And when the time is right, you may choose to become baptized as an adult, or to reaffirm publicly the faith that your own parents proclaimed for you if you were baptized as an infant or child.
Rev. Cari would be glad to talk further about these invitations.


We can come home to faith at any age. God’s invitation to follow Jesus is for all of us.