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What I Mean When I Say…

(This recording of the Easter sermon has been edited so that the long pauses while the inaudible choirs are singing have disappeared, for listeners’ ease!) Happy Easter!

What I Mean When I Say…


Easter morning’s sermon wasn’t just any old sermon… it was a full-fledged dialogue between the preacher and the Crossroads massed choirs! The Children’s, Youth, and Adult Choirs all shared in the preaching task with Rev. Cari, punctuating the spoken word with choral responses. Our recording capacity, unfortunately, is lacking these musical offerings, so we’ll display them below.

The sermon was a walk through the text for the day, Matthew 28:1-8.

Here are the words for the choir’s verses:

Children & Youth:
1. Mary, Mary, how do you feel?
Are you frightened? Mary, Mary,
Are you happy? Do you think it is real?

2. People, people, who do you trust?
When you, when you…
When you feel that all is lost
and you’re sitting in dust?

3. Jesus, Jesus, where did you go?
Can we see you?
Jesus, Jesus, can we touch you?
Can we go where you go?

Adult Choir:
1. He is no longer here
He is risen as he said.
Look in the tomb – it is empty –
He is raised from the dead.
Go, go to his friends,
announce to them he is risen;
you will see Jesus there in Galilee.

2. What, what will you do with the new life you have?
It is a gift; will you follow in the steps that he took?
Go, you are his friends, his love in you is alive
Jesus lives in this body and in you.

3. Yes, you are the one, Jesus, we will follow you!
Yes is a yes! Though we may stumble,
Jesus, raise us with you!
No, the grave has not won, for every day shines anew
And the kindom of God will surely come!

Rev. Cari Copeman-Haynes
Speaker: Rev. Cari Copeman-Haynes

Cari is the lead minister at Crossroads United Church.