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Limping in the Daylight

Limping in the Daylight


Edith preached from one of her favourite texts, Genesis 32:22-31, the story of Jacob wrestling with Someone at the Jabbaok River. Jacob had always managed to trick or buy his way to get what he wanted. But when a stranger lunged on him in the dark and pulled him into the river, he more than met his match.
This ancient story which predated this time in history is used by israel to tell of its naming and blessing. There is always mystery surrounding this Stranger in the dark. Was it Esau, Jacob’s brother? Was it his own demons? Was it God? We never know for sure for the adversary won’t declare its name. But we can see that as Jacob was humbled but not destroyed, he was blessed.

Sermon Speaker Rev. Edith Baird
Speaker: Rev. Edith Baird

Rev. Edith Baird has been a member of Crossroads since its inception and she retired from ministry at Knox United Church in Vancouver. Edith coordinates our intercessory prayer team and appreciates doing ministry more behind the scenes now.