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Holy Shift: “Why are you looking up?”

Holy Shift: “Why are you looking up?”


“So why are you standing there looking up at an empty sky?” In Acts 1:1-11, the disciples are asked that question after Jesus has left them. Rev. Edith notes that at the time of that question, Jesus had already shown the disciples how to live; what to do. Jesus had shown them close-up the power of love, forgiveness and inclusion.

Jesus has shown us these things, too. Do you suppose it happens that we look into an empty sky, and miss seeing Jesus in the woman carrying a grocery bag in one hand and a baby in the other? Do we miss seeing Jesus in the children on the street? Do we fail to recognize Jesus inside of ourselves?

Sermon Speaker Rev. Edith Baird
Speaker: Rev. Edith Baird

Rev. Edith Baird has been a member of Crossroads since its inception and she retired from ministry at Knox United Church in Vancouver. Edith coordinates our intercessory prayer team and appreciates doing ministry more behind the scenes now.