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Steps Toward Re-Opening

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May 27, 2020

Cultivating Diversity, Serving God’s World

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused communities of faith and people everywhere to reimagine what love looks like. We are learning to show our love for one another by keeping our distance. We are learning to show our care for one another by wearing a mask to keep from spreading droplets. At Crossroads, we have adapted our ministries in profound ways, the long-term effects of which we cannot yet anticipate. We are doing all of this as faithfully as we can, as we continue to discern and respond to Jesus’ call through a time and circumstances that are new to all of us.

At the heart of Crossroads’ response to British Columbia’s Phase 2 reopening is the goal of maintaining the safety of congregation members, staff, and all participants in our ministries. We do this by complying with public health guidance and communicating clearly, as required by our Regional Council. New information about the novel coronavirus and its transmission continues to emerge. We do well to proceed forward slowly, at the pace of guidance.

Due to the high number of vulnerable people who are part of the Crossroads congregation, due to our warm climate that allows small gatherings to happen outdoors, and due to the need to protect the children and workers in the on-site daycare, Crossroads is adopting a scaled approach. We encourage ministry participants to honour one another’s choices in this time. We encourage ministry leaders to adapt offerings to make it possible for both in-person and online participation to continue until wide-scale community immunity is assured.

We have outlined the following steps to be implemented at Crossroads, without naming specific times and dates, and anticipating they will be revised as new information emerges:

Step 1

A. Outdoor small-group ministry supported by only minimal use of the building (washrooms).

B. Staff may return to their offices with provision for work at home and staggered schedules.

Step 2

A. Small-group ministry and meetings inside the building, using only the larger open spaces

B. Return of Tenant groups, in compliance with then-current Public Health Guidelines

C. Resumption of in-person worship, in compliance with Public Health and UCC Guidelines

Step 3

Full return to the building, in compliance with then-current Public Health Guidelines.

Complete COVID-19 Safety Framework

Please visit our COVID-19 Safety Framework for complete details.

One thing (other than change) remains constant…and that is the mysterious Holy Spirit of God. The presence of the Holy other, known in joy and sorrow, perceived dimly at the edge of our vision, recognized in a stranger on the road, is still with us. It is God who continues to call us into faith, community and service, even in a pandemic when we live within new parameters, in support of the divine purpose of justice, peace and love.