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Letter of Support after Pride and Trans Flags Vandalized

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Letter of Support after Pride and Trans Flags Vandalized

Crossroads hung Pride and Trans flags in early July, 2019. On July 21, the flags were vandalized, and we put the following message on our sign: “LGBTQ Flags: $240. Solidarity against hate: Priceless. Welcome”. On July 30, Crossroads received this letter and a cheque to replace our flags from a member of the North Delta community. We are withholding his name to protect his privacy, and have his permission to share his letter here.
July 23, 2019
An Open Letter to the Crossroads United Church Community
I’ve been a North Delta Resident for the past eight years and on a couple occasions my Partner and I have attended service at your church.
I was a bit surprised to see the Rainbow flag hanging on the front of the Church a few days ago — even to me, an openly gay male, it was quite a statement. I was aware of the vandalism that recently occurred at the Ladner United Church and felt initially the you were demonstrating solidarity with that congregation.
Seeing the flags vandalized yesterday was very upsetting to me. I stopped my car, got out and took some photos to share with friends on Social Media. I struggled trying to understand what would provoke someone to do this.
I want to believe that this is a reaction born out of fear rather than hate.
When your Congregation decided to put up the Flags, perhaps there were those among you that were uncomfortable, perhaps there were discussions and dialogue. Perhaps some that were initially hesitant about the idea were able to express their views and be heard and considered as an open Christian environment.
To me, that is what putting up the Flag on your building represents. It is at first a statement that says in this place all are welcome. Our community is diverse and we see you, we do not close our doors or our minds to you.
Thank-you for showing that we (in Delta) are a welcoming community and we celebrate the differences and diversity of all God’s Children.
Please accept this cheque for $240 for the replacement of the flags.