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Healing Garden at Crossroads

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Rob and a young Kidventure gardener work to prepare the site of the Healing Garden.Rob and a young Kidventure gardener work to prepare the site of the Healing Garden

The famous line, “if you build it, they will come,” from the movie Field of Dreams is true in many ways of Crossroadsʼ emerging ʻHealing Garden.ʼ

This summer, children attending Kidventure 2018, Loving Creation, enthusiastically muscled buckets of water to the site, soaked and layered on cardboard, shovelled manure, grabbed fistfuls of seaweed, and piled on flakes of straw to construct the now maturing bed on the boulevard west of the back parking lot. Even before that, five students visiting Canada volunteered the better part of a day to help remove a section of hedge enabling the garden to invite folks in for a stroll or sit from both the sidewalk and the parking lot. Passersby stopped to watch the work and offer words of support and awe. One neighbour said directly, “Thatʼs good. We need a garden here.”
Recently, investigation revealed the arrival of worms who will do the important work of making the childrenʼs contributions into composted, rich soil. Soon, the addition of plants will attract people, pollinators, and birds: a community of creatures. We trust that a spirit of healing for people and the planet also will be present not only through medicinal and beautiful plants, but through the creation of vibrant new habitat.
It is also true that “if you come, we will build it!” In the coming weeks and months, you are invited to watch, support, and participate in the completion of the garden as we add a wood-chip path, seating, and plants in and around the central tear-shaped raised bed. Your contributions of organic matter, labour, perhaps a plant or two, and yes, even money will help the vision of the Kidventure planning team and other supporters become a living invitation to healing in our neighbourhood.
Rob Copeman-Haynes