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Q&A re Mama Orphans Children’s Home Today

Q&A re Mama Orphans Children’s Home Today


The sermon for May 14, “Mama’s Day” at Crossroads, was no ordinary sermon. A Question and Answer session with Bobby Odhiambo, the son  of the Rev. Monicah Oduor (Mama herself) and Colleen McCormick, founder of the Kenyan Orphan Children Foundation, the Vancouver-based charity which supports Mama’s work in Kenya.

Though the conversation starts out on a light note with Rev. Cari asking Bobby how old he was in 1986 – turns out that Mama discovered the first orphan outside her shop door ten years later, in 1996. So the joke is on Rev. Cari!

Listen as Colleen and Bobby update the Crossroads congregation on the situation at the orphanage currently, and share in the joys and sorrows that have guided Mama and all her collaborators at the Mama Orphans Children’s Home for the past 21 years.