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BC COVID-19 Orders & Immunization Plan, Simplified

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Are you looking forward to receiving your COVID-19 vaccine? Here is what we know so far.

The COVID-19 vaccine is saving lives. Vaccines do more than protect the people getting vaccinated, they also protect everyone around them. The more people in a community who are immunized and protected from COVID-19, the harder it is for COVID-19 to spread.

COVID-19 Immunization Plan Information

COVID-19 vaccines approved by Health Canada are safe, effective and will save lives.

Details about the registration process will be made available in late February.

✅ COVID-19 vaccines will be delivered in four phases (see table below).

✅ High risk populations and those most vulnerable to severe illness will be vaccinated first.

✅ Two vaccines, Pfizer and Moderna, are currently approved and being used in Canada.

✅ The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines each require two doses per person. 

✅ The COVID-19 vaccine is free for everyone in B.C. who is eligible to receive it.

⚠️ People who have received the vaccine must continue to follow PHO orders and guidelines.

❌ Vaccines have not yet been approved for use in children, but trials are underway.

The official version of BC’s COVID-19 Immunization Plan is available on the Government of BC website (updated January 29, 2021). Detailed information about COVID-19 vaccines is available on the BC Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC) website.

Are you having trouble keeping track of BC’s COVID-19 Orders? View them below in a simplified, easy-to-read format.

The official version of the Province-wide COVID-19 Restrictions are available on the Government of BC website. These orders were implemented by the Provincial Health Officer (PHO) on November 19, 2020 and, on February 5, 2021, were extended until further notice.

By public health order and direction we must continue to only socialize with people in our households or core bubbles until further notice – and avoid any non-essential travel. See details: Province-wide COVID-19 Restrictions

Mask Requirements

😷 Masks are required in all indoor public settings, workplaces, and retail stores.

😷 Masks are required in restaurants when not seated at a table.

❌ People who cannot put on or remove a mask on their own are exempt.

❌ Children under two years-of-age are exempt.

❌ People who are working behind barriers on their own do not need to wear masks.

❌ Restaurant patrons may remove masks while seated.

⚠️ Non-compliance or beligerant behaviour could incur a $230 fine.

Social Gatherings

Socialize with your immediate household or “core bubble” only.

✅ People who live alone may be in a “core bubble” with 1–2 other people.

✅ Co-parents may be in each others’ “core bubble”.

❌ DO NOT invite friends or extended family to your household. 

❌ DO NOT visit other households. 

❌ DO NOT look for loopholes or excuses to gather.

❌ DO NOT gather outdoors.

❌ DO NOT have playdates for children.

❌ DO NOT gather at a restaurant or bar with people outside of your immediate household.

✅ Parents may carpool kids to and from school.

✅ Grandparents may provide child care.

Personal and Home-Based Services

Services provided in the home can continue to operate, for example:

✅ Health care services

✅ Support for people with disabilities

✅ Cleaning services

✅ House maintenance and repair

✅ Tutoring and music lessons

Events and Gatherings

✅ Online religious services may continue using virtual attendance options, such as Zoom.

❌ In-person religious gatherings and worship services are suspended.

✅ Funerals, weddings, and other ceremonies may take place with a maximum of 10 people.

❌ Receptions associated with funerals, weddings or baptisms are not allowed at any location.

✅ AA and NA meetings or other medical group sessions may continue.

Drive-in, Drop-off, and Drive-thru Events

Some events may proceed with a limited number of people and cars.

✅ Drive-in religious services are okay.

✅ Drive-thru holiday festival of lights are okay.

✅ Drop-off of items for holiday hampers or toy drives are okay.

⚠️ There must be a COVID-19 Safety Plan in place.

⚠️ Physical distancing must be maintained.

⚠️ Entry and exit points must be controlled.

⚠️ Operators must restrict the number of cars to 50 at one time.

❌ People must not exit their vehicles.

❌ Uncontrolled drive-thru events are suspended.

Organized Sports and Physical Activities

All adult (19+ years-of-age) indoor and outdoor sports are suspended.

All adult (19+ years-of-age) high intensity group fitness activities are suspended.

All adult (19+ years-of-age) low intensity group fitness activities are suspended.

✅ Go for a walk or a hike.

❌ DO NOT allow a walk to turn into a group of people meeting outside.

✅ Individual workouts at gyms and pools may continue.

Youth (aged 18 and under) may play organized indoor and outdoor sports.

⚠️ Youth sports must follow viaSport’s Return to Sport Phase 2 guidance.

⚠️ Youth indoor group physical activities must have an approved COVID-19 safety plan.

❌ Youth games, tournaments and competitions are temporarily suspended.

❌ No spectators at any indoor or outdoor sport activities.

❌ No inter-regional travel for sports.

✅ Rehabilitation or exercise therapy programs may continue.

Travel Restrictions

Avoid all non-essential travel.

⚠️ Strict new guidelines are in effect for all travellers entering Canada

✅ Regular travel for work within your region.

✅ Travel for things like medical appointments and hospital visits.

❌ Do not travel for a vacation.

❌ Do not travel to visit friends or family outside of your household or core bubble.

Businesses and Worksites

😷 Masks are required in all workplaces and shared work areas.

😷 Workers working on their own behind barriers do not need to wear masks.

✅ Employers should actively encourage employees to work from home where possible.

⚠️ All businesses and worksites must conduct active daily screening of all on-site workers.

⚠️ Employees must monitor themselves daily and stay home if they have symptoms.

⚠️ Businesses that cannot maintain their plans will be shut down.

❌ Party-buses and group limousines may not operate in any region.

A reminder to all: these measures are not forever, but they are very important now, to protect the health of everyone in the community and the province. There will be a time when we can all come together again.

From just one COVID-19 positive person…

COVID-19 is stealthy. Click on the images below to view real-life scenarios of how easily just one infected person can spread the virus to a large number of others. These scenarios are based on actual case data from BC.

COVID-19 Wedding Scenario
Wedding Scenario
COVID-19 Group Fitness Scenario
Fitness Scenario
COVID-19 Industrial Workplace Scenario
Workplace Scenario

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