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Lenten Spiritual Practices Series [4]

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We invite you to join our Lenten Spiritual Practices Series for 2021 from February 24 to March 24.

Each Thursday a new video will be posted for you to watch prior to each of our five weekly online gatherings on Wednesdays.
Lent is a season of preparation and introspection, a period of 40 days we associate with preparing to journey with Jesus to the cross. It is also a season of deep solidarity with the suffering and sorrows of our own souls, and with others in the world.
This Lent, Crossroads folks will be invited to a series of spiritual practices balancing these foci of our own inner work in contemplation, and the work of solidarity with others in the world and with creation itself.
Every Thursday, a new video will appear on the Crossroads website on the seasonal prayer page. It will remain up for the following week, until the next Wednesday evening, when those participating are invited to gather with Rev. Cari via Zoom for sharing about the practice of the week.
The videos vary in length (and in style and production quality, too, so your preparation for that will assist you in focussing on the message offered, and trying not to be distracted by the production details). Some weeks, there will be an accompanying PDF with the video, inviting you into a practice related to the insights revealed in the video. Other weeks, the video will speak for itself and the invitation to practice will be clear. You are invited to view the video and/or practise what it offers as many times in the following week as you would like. If keeping a journal is part of your rhythm, then by all means, journal after each spiritual practice to remember where God drew your attention or what spoke to you.
The Wednesday gatherings will be a combination of grounding together as a larger group, and splitting into small triads to share more deeply what you have observed about yourself in this time of practicing together.
Teens and adults of all generations are warmly welcome to participate. There is no need to sign up to view the videos weekly, but to receive the Zoom coordinates for the Wednesday gatherings, please email Rev. Cari.


(with Greg & Eliana)
Available:  Thursday, March 11
Where:Seasonal Prayer Page
Date:  Wednesday, March 17
Time:  7:00 p.m.
You will need your warm outerwear and a mask if you will be near others. Perhaps start with gumboots or flip-flops and, if weather permits, take off your shoes!