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Islam and Christianity: session two of a four week study series

  • 07:15 PM
  • 7655 120th Street, Delta
  • (778) 593-1043

Christians and Muslims have a complicated relationship. Two of the three monotheistic “Abrahamic Faiths” (the third is Judaism), there are both commonalities and also distinct differences in both the theology and practice of the two faiths. This series will introduce participants to basic tenets of Islam, take a close look at the theological points of divergence between Christianity (particularly the United Church of Canada) and Islam, and assist participants to filter some of what the internet, media sources, and others have to say about Islam. Sources for this exploration will include The Jesus Fatwah, a video series produced by United Methodists in the United States, That We May Know Each Other: United Church — Muslim Relations Today (2005), a report produced by the Committee on Inter-Church and Inter-Faith Relations of the United Church of Canada, and Mufti Aasim Rashid of Islam Unravelled, who will speak to us in person on October 10. The overarching question of this series is, “How can Christians love our Muslim neighbours?” and we begin by trying to understand Islam on its own terms.
October 3
In our second session we will hear both Muslim and Christian commentators (via video material from The Jesus Fatwah) discuss the command to “Love one’s neighbour.” We will also consider what questions we would like to bring before Mufti Aasim Rashid during the third session.