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Crossroads now in STEP-1B of Re-Opening Plan

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Crossroads is now in STEP 1B of its COVID-19 Re-Opening Plan

Our goal is to maintain the safety of congregation members, staff, and all participants in our ministries.

  • If you or anyone in your household is sick (including fever, coughing, sneezing) or if you have travelled outside Canada in the last 14 days, BC’s public health authorities require that you stay home.
  • Everyone who enters the building (including staff) will be required to provide contact tracing information.
  • Absolutely no entry to the kitchen or the multi-purpose hall when the daycare is present.
  • There will be no shared eating at Crossroads. Staff may bring their own lunch and make tea/coffee in the satellite kitchen.

In all Instances

  1. If you, or anyone in your household is sick, please stay home.
  2. In every instance, the ministry coordinator/staff supervisor takes on the role of querying participants about their health status if they seem to be sneezing, coughing or feverish.
  3. Daycare has full and sole use of the multi-purpose hall and kitchen from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (or closing).
  4. Maintain two metres physical distancing at all times, especially when talking/storytelling.
  5. Where possible, wear masks at all times, especially inside the building.
  6. Please maintain good hand hygiene. All faucets in Crossroads washrooms have no-touch water flow. Soap bottles are provided by all sinks, along with paper towels.

Staff Office Hours

  1. If you, or anyone in your household is sick, please stay home.
  2. Ministry and Administrative staff members will use their own discretion and collaborate together in naming their hours in the building, according to their mutual comfort with the degree of risk. Staff members may choose to work at home at times when other staff members are in the office as well. In cases of shared offices, care will be taken to maintain social distance, especially at doorways.
  3. When staff members are meeting in person for planning or supervision purposes, physical distance must be maintained, and masks may be worn to protect participants in the conversation.
  4. A satellite kitchen for Crossroads staff use will be set up in the Library for heating lunches and making tea/coffee. Good hand hygiene must be maintained when using this kitchen to minimize contamination of the area. Disinfecting before and after use will be carried out by any staff using the satellite kitchen.
  5. Only one person in the back hallway (for access to toilets and satellite kitchen) at a time.
  6. Please maintain good hand hygiene at all times.

Community Inquiries

  1. The front door of Crossroads will be locked. Signage will direct inquirers to ring the bell and stand back to wait for staff to respond during office hours.
  2. Everyone who enters the building will be required to provide contact tracing information.
  3. Food hamper inquiries will be honoured, without the requirement of the recipient to sign for receiving the hamper to minimize possible exposure of staff.
  4. Requests to use the facilities or to pray in the sanctuary will be considered on a case-by-case basis. In all cases physical distance will be maintained and upon entry to the building, each person will first wash their hands. Ministry coordinator (or delegate) will disinfect any surfaces after their departure and before re-use.

For additional information on the Steps Toward Re-Opening plan for Crossroads United Church, please click on the link.